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The Singapore Slingers are releasing a new album this year, in cooperation with Rivermont Records!

Rivermont Records is the premiere label working today to promote and preserve traditional jazz and ragtime, and to feature the great many artists and bands working to keep this great music alive - and the Singapore Slingers are thrilled to be on the roster.

Recording an album is never a simple endeavor, but you can help! We have set up a Go Fund Me link where you can contribute to the cause, and help make the newest Singapore Slingers album a reality. We can't do it without your help. This promises to be the best album yet - we thank you!

What a swell review from PeaJay Music Blog about Matt Tolentino and the Singapore Slingers!
Just announced- spend New Years Even with the Singapore Slingers!
Spend NYE at the beautiful Kessler Theater with the Singapore Slingers- dance the night away and ring in the New Year in style. Dinner included! Details coming soon.
It's finally here- The Singapore Slingers' brand new CD, 'The Frank Skinner Project!'
Click on Frank's picture to visit our CD Baby store and order your copy today!

Click on Frank's picture to visit our CD Baby store and order your copy today!

15 great pop tunes and jazz from the 1920s and the early 1930s, arranged by Frank Skinner, and masterfully recorded by the Singapore Slingers. You can purchase your copy of the brand new CD at any of Matt Tolentino's/The Singapore Slingers' shows. Coming soon to iTunes.

Happy Days Are Here Again
Breezin' Along With The Breeze
Alice Blue Gown
T'ain't No Sin (To Dance Around In Your Bones)
My Cutie's Due at Two-to-Two Today
The Lady In Red
Zulu Wail
Under A Blanket Of Blue
Mysterious Mose
If I Had A Talking Picture Of You
I'm In The Mood For Love
Be sure to check out the swell Q & A article with Matt Tolentino, from the June 2014 edition of the Lakewood Advocate. Information about Matt's bands and more! Click the picture to read the article.
Photo by Kim Leeson

Photo by Kim Leeson

"Glimpse into Matt Tolentino's Jazz Age Life" from the Dallas Observer
Check out what Lauren Smart from the Dallas Observer had to say in this swell article, that appeared recently in the Dallas Observer.
Matt Tolentino has just revamped his website- in addition to adding new dates, he has changed the look and feel of his website, complete with new pictures. These pictures were taken by Adam Zaner, and others were taken by Thomas Garza (the home page, 'Matt's Bands') and Brian Holm ('The Singapore Slingers')... please check out their websites at  and to see more examples of their work!
This just in! The Royal Klobasneks return to Wurstfest, the biggest German festival in Texas, and arguably the United States. Be watching for them on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday November 13th- 16th... more information on the Royal Klobasneks page, as well as
The music of Matt Tolentino is now available on cylinder! With great excitement, Matt is proud to announce that the Vulcan Cylinder Record Company of Sheffield, England is now producing his music on genuine cylinder record. 'Rain' is now available in their 4 minute format, and there will be more cylinders to come. Please click the image below to visit their website for more information and to order your copy... lots of other things to see, too!

Heads up! Matt Tolentino's new album, 'Midnight, The Stars, and You,' is now available for purchase, as well as on CD Baby and iTunes. The album features 14 tracks...

Some Smoke
The Wedding Of The Painted Doll
What'll You Do?
Too Much Mustard
Goodnight, Ladies, and Gents
Bo-La-Bo (Egyptian Fox Trot)
Hiawatha's Lullaby
The Cubanola Glide
Du Schwarzer Zigeuner
Burning Sands
Midnight, The Stars, and You
Foolin' Myself
I'll See You In My Dreams

Matt Tolentino and his Singapore Slingers are currently featured in Modern Luxury Dallas- Steve Carter wrote a splendid article about the band and yours truly- check it out right here-

"When Matt Tolentino was younger, Radiohead, Liz Phair and Green Day were alt-rock titans, spawning countless descendants and casting long shadows on popular music. But Tolentino was a classic Thoreau case, hearing and responding to a decidedly different drummer."
- Steve Carter (photo by Trevor Paulhus, Modern Dallas Luxury)
Matt Tolentino is proud to announce a new addition to the family, a beautiful all original 1928 Ludwig bass drum, complete with factory painted head. Matt and his wife Danielle took a trip up to Cincinnati to retrieve the drum, and after some light cleaning, it's all ready to go. Watch for it at his upcomin shows. Soon he will be adding 5 1920s temple blocks, currently bring restored to better-then-new condition. Read all about them on Danielle's blog, right here!

Matt Tolentino and his Singapore Slingers were featured in the Lakewood Advocate in 2010 and again in early 2011 (article by Christina Hughes Babb, photo by Robert Bunch).

In January 2011, The Dallas Morning News featured Matt Tolentino and the Singapore Slingers in a wonderful article, written by Jon Nielsen (this article is available courtesy of The Dallas Morning News).

"While other children his age danced to hip-hop and played air guitar to rock music, Tolentino, now 25, was transfixed by the sounds of ragtime, waltzes and foxtrots. He decided early on that he would devote his life to introducing a new generation to the music his great-grandmother danced to."- Jon Nielsen