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Ahoy! Thanks to the overwhelming success of this year's Transatlantic Ragtime Romp with Tom Pecena and Ahoy Vintage Cruises, we can truly say another crossing is back by popular demand! 

In May 2025 we'll jump ahead a couple of decades to the Roaring Twenties to celebrate the centennial of Art Deco… and where better to enjoy the festivities than the place where it all began - Paris, France! We'll celebrate with a Bon Voyage dance, then we'll make our way to London, England where we'll enjoy a day before motoring down to Southampton to catch the beautiful and unspeakably glamourous Queen Mary 2 where we'll sail to New York City. Three grand cities, one amazing trip. 

As for the band, I'm assembling some of the best talent around from as far and varied climes as Cincinnati, Dallas, St. Louis, Boston, Chicago, and London - the HOTTEST band there is!

Don't miss the boat! Visit and speak with Tom TODAY to reserve your spot.

Here's a little snippet from the fun we had this past May at our Transatlantic Ragtime Romp…

"A Visit With Matt Tolentino"

Here's a fun followup interview I did with Bill Hoffman from 'The Syncopated Times.' I discuss all things regarding the Singapore Slingers, our new CD, my recent performances and festivals, and the move from Dallas to Cincinnati. Click on the bass saxophone to read the article. 

Photo by Mark Lenz

Enjoy the music of Matt Tolentino on cylinder! Vulcan Cylinder Record Company of Sheffield, England is now producing his music on genuine cylinder record. 'Rain' and 'The Wedding of the Painted Doll' are now available in 4 minute format, ready to play on your machine. Please click the image below to visit their website for more information and to order your copy... lots of other things to see, too!