At the age of ten, Matt started tuning in to the old Lawrence Welk Show, and at fifteen he purchased his first accordion. Since then, Matt has worked to perfect a sound and approach to the instrument all his own, setting his focus on a combined repertoire of traditional polkas and ethnic music coupled with traditional jazz, ragtime, and the pop tunes of the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s. Along with his vocals, Matt has created a truly unique sound for himself which has put him in demand at festivals and events throughout the country. Enjoy some of this accordion music right here!

Matt performs accordion in a wide variety of settings, and enjoys bringing ragtime and traditional jazz to the instrument. The accordion is a natural candidate for all of this music that was favored by the bands and orchestras of the period, and Matt uses it as a fine accompaniment to his voice. Rags, one steps, two steps, marches, cakewalks, and other spirited pieces that Matt loves to play and bring to the his audience

It's no secret that the accordion is at home with any and all European music, and Matt is a specialist in German, Czech, Austrian, Swiss, and Scandinavian music, whether as a soloist or playing with his polka band, The Royal Klobasneks. Matt's love of traditional European folk music speaks for itself. You may have noticed, too, that Matt plays vintage accordions - part of his all-around salute to tradition.