"The city's coolest, quirkiest retro jazz group!"  The Dallas Observer

Matt Tolentino and his Orchestra, sometimes known as the Singapore Slingers, is Matt Tolentino's flagship ensemble - the largest and longest running of his bands. Named for the legendary cocktail, The Singapore Sling, The Singapore Slingers were formed in 2007 in Matt's native Dallas - the orchestra is Texas' leading source for Jazz Age recreation. Nationally recognized for their authenticity, the orchestra boasts 15 members and uses instruments, arrangements, attire, and even microphones of the period for a complete visual as well as musical experience. 

With 6,000 pieces in the collection, the orchestra's repertoire effortlessly spans the first three decades of the twentieth century - from ragtime to the Jazz Age to the roots of swing. This music is not a museum piece, but a live, breathing testament to America's treasured musical past. The orchestra seeks to honor this past while placing it firmly in the modern era. And while customs and social norms have changed greatly in the past one hundred years, the orchestra always has and always will adapt these musical artifacts for the present day. 

For all our authenticity, one thing has always differed from the era in which this wonderful music was conceived: since day one, the Singapore Slingers have always had ensembles comprised of and open to people of all age, gender, color, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.  As for their leader, despite the Italian sounding name, Matt Tolentino can trace his heritage back to the Philippines. It is important to understand the historic context of this music and how to bring the best of the past forward to the future.

The orchestra takes great delight in performing for their audiences, near and far, and they hope to play for you sometime - at a dance, a concert, or perhaps your very own affair!

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